Friday, August 15, 2014

Shades Of Cool

^ My favorite nail colour at the moment: Dark Room from 3.1 Phillip Lim X NARS Limited Edition polishes. It's a very dark tinted navy blue, like a really dark washed pair of jeans!

Oversized sleeve blouse - c/o Dressabelle
Satin floral pencil skirt - c/o Dressabelle
Turban - gift from Zheng Ning
Leather oxford boots - Shanghai
Watch - Vintage Cadali Taylor c/o Late Rabbit
Lip colour: Revlon balm stain in Romantic

Blue: the colour that has been repeating a lot in my every day wardrobe choices. Commercially, neutrals are normally defined by white, beige, browns and black but may I suggest blue as an outstanding member of the neutrals club? Well to be specific, navy blue is my nomination of choice for being universally flattering and so easy to find in the market. I'm not naturally drawn to floral prints but when I do, I prefer toned down variations such as floral print in monochromatic order. For instance, the floral pencil skirt I'm wearing today has white flowers that stands out against a navy blue background. The satin material gives it a rich and luxurious impression, reminding me of that Kimono cardigan I wore awhile ago. If I went on analysing this skirt I could even say that it's almost 'cultural' to me, like porcelain vases from ancient China. To keep things less serious, I decided to just wear my trusty leather boots, especially when it has been raining a lot lately and heels would be really impractical. Finally, the turban was just a last minute random addition. It's not everyday that I would pick out head pieces so since I'm working a cool palette why not pull it in? Besides, it was a life saver for a bad hair day. 

Photos by Rumin.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Be Right Back

Camille leather dress - c/o Bridge by Fash Mob
Plaid shirt - c/o Dressabelle
Leather Mary-janes - Dr. Martens
Gold plated watch - Casio
Lips - Revlon balm stain in Romantic

What do you tend to do during break time, or upon class dismissal? Getting my daily dose of Kopi-siew dai (coffee with less milk) is a routine. My after school life is not really that exciting, most of the time I return home or head to the library to browse a book or two. During one of the school days this week, Faith and I decided to shoot an outfit in the restroom. Yes, the restroom...not the most photogenic nor pleasant place to be in for half an hour with a DSLR but we decided to go ahead anyway. To be honest, I wasn't feeling confident about this set of photos but Faith, being a supportive friend, encouraged me to share them with you. The whole time we were shooting I was hoping no one would budge in because then I would have to come up with something convincing to explain myself lol.Now shifting our focus away from the bizarre location, this leather skater dress is to die for! While it might be a little early to be wearing full-on leather that's meant for fall, this one makes a dressy staple which can be (but not necessary) further styled for a variety of occasions. For school, I prefer to bring a cardigan or flannel for warmth, layering purposes or let it sit loosely around my waist. A dressy base piece like mine can be easily dressed down with a plaid flannel and chunky shoes for a 90s grunge appeal. Some people ask me how I can wear leather in Singapore. It's possible to wear difficult materials without breaking a sweat! The trick is just to make sure 1) you're going to stay in air conditioned rooms and 2) the leather is only covering a small part of the body. A girl can always up her game for a basic LBD!

Photos by Faith of Missterfaith

Friday, August 8, 2014

1-Way Street

Turtle neck crop top - ASOS
Striped track trousers - c/o Dressabelle
Blazer - Kate Love
Studded sandal heels - Shanghai
Lipstick - Lime Crime's Velvetines in Suede Berry

If I counted all the times I've run for my train during peak hours, I would be an athlete of my own standards. I am someone who is definitely guilty of couch potato tendencies. Truth to be told, I never make it a point to exercise intentionally, something I'm not exactly proud of. Even more when sporty apparels are all the rave at the moment with fitness lifestyles documented and broadcasted everywhere on social media. There is no denial that active wear is designed in a way to streamline the body because who would actually choose to hide all those hours of crunches and cardio at the gym right? So I thought why not experiment with active wear influenced track pants and turn it into work appropriate staple? If I'm not sporty, at least I can look sporty. What I love most about track pants is the stark line on the side which extends legs to infinity and beyond. Besides being flattering, I think they show off a runner's movements beautifully from afar against the track field. Keeping my bottom half the main bulk of my proportions today, I deliberately chose to shorten my body even more with a turtle neck in cropped style. Add some heels if you're in the mood, or sneakers if you prefer. Either way, with some 'track pants' trousers on, I'm ready to *run*  the clock from nine to six.

Photos by Corinne.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer In The City

Button up shirt - Taipei
Reversible pinafore dress - c/o Dressabelle
Creeper wedges - Underground
Mirrored necklace - c/o Dressabelle
Lipstick: Revlon matte lipstick in Wine Not

To say time passed really quickly this year would be an understatement. Besides the fact that we are already two thirds into 2014, I will be going back to school next week after three months of pure bliss (and some hard work) that moved like sand slipping through my fingers. And to be honest, I don't know what to think. I'm one of those people who do not take change very well, and the thought of going back to an environment that is familiar yet so unpredictable is indescribably terrifying. Change can be positive and negative at the same time, I just need to learn how to manage it. Or maybe it's just me who is one of those few people who struggles to make sense of time and change. Thoughts, oh thoughts...

I think you can already tell how I am feeling now from my outfit. And thats why I love dressing up; if you know me well enough, you can easily guess my mood simply by observing me, no need for much words. I'm feeling a little moody, scared and wishing my summer break will never end. But everyone eventually learns that the most beautiful things in life, like a full bloomed flower, withers one day. Quite literally expressed in this photo set but it's what I'm feeling. I threw on some chunky creepers, injecting a bit of British punk element into the outfit which actually turned out quite complementary with the hardy buckles on my dress. The toughness of it all makes me feel a little more confident, braver and normal again...a pick-me-up when I need it most.
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