Sunday, February 22, 2015


Valentia lace dress - c/o KLARRA (also in Merlot)
Jade bangles - mom's vintage
Platform heels - ASOS
Stone ring - Hoshana By Grace
Lips - M.A.C lipstick in Angel

It's been a good past four days of Chinese New Year long weekend. Love it or hate it, it's probably unlikely to avoid CNY completely unless you decide to take a vacay (smart move you guys). While the festive season does arrive with certain awkward social situations, unwanted questions from the older folks or extra calories you've worked all year round to kill...there are also lots to love.

For instance, I visited the annual Chinatown market for the first time in my life and had a blast! Who would have thought I loved crowd if not for the merry atmosphere? Local pastries are heaven sent; the average looking tarts are way underrated by appearance in their cheap plastic containers, surprising me with its rich buttery aftertaste every single time.

Well I think most importantly, the majority of us here are interested in CNY #OOTDs, right? Sorry to disappoint you guys because I'm far over from my rebellious teenage years of black new year ensembles. No edgy statements here. For my foreign friends who aren't informed – it's Chinese belief to wear auspicious colours such as red for good luck and avoiding black during CNY as it represents mourning.  Now that I'm older, I'm more adhering to dressing up for the occasion. Gone are the days of pissing elders on purpose. Thinking back, that was really a foolish thing to do.

Anyhow, I love dressing up thematically whenever I get a chance. To welcome the year of the Goat, I felt like this white lace dress was a romantic and beautiful piece to wear. A halter necklace has always been very flattering on my body shape, and what I really love about this dress is its asymmetrical hemline. Its precise tapering – curved on front, angular at the back – is a lovely detail that makes the dress feminine. Despite not having the most ideal footwear option, the jade bangles gave this outfit an Asian flavor and luminosity. Can't emphasise enough how accessories are so important for plain garments.

Photography by Yun Jing.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Great Gatsby Headpiece - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Trapeze pearl Earrings - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Lace dress - ZARA
Heels - ZARA
Lips - Rimmel Kate Matte lipstick in .107

Happy Valentines' day!

I have been itching to shoot another 1920's inspired look since last Halloween. My hair was real short then, and those impromptu "dance" moves really got me into character. I personally really love flapper girl styles but if the drama isn't for you, here is a subdued alternative.

The headpiece is an iconic accessory for any flapper look, and this one looks straight out from The Great Gatsby movie. Seriously, it's pretty damn close if you Google it! A dramatic adornment is  the perfect answer to my low maintenance hair. It is excessively embellished in diamonds and pearls and laced at the back with pale yellow ribbon.

Flapper silhouettes are generally modest and forgiving. I didn't have anything that concealed the waist line so an elegant high collar dress was my best bet. The all-over lace added so much texture so little else was needed. 

However you are going to spend the romantic weekend, I hope this look might urge you to try something fun and new. With Singapore's dress culture which very much prioritises functionality and convenience, it's really nice to pick glamour once in awhile (when you have the time to spare of course).

Photography by Yun Jing

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Film Rolls From Years Back

In a world where everything is shared simultaneously in real-time, I might have forgotten how it's like to photograph on film. Just last week, for some random reason, I decided to finally (I mean, up to four years later) decided to develop two rolls of film that had been neglected longer than they should be. 

Can you imagine documenting a holiday purely on film? I would be lying if I said I had the patience and faith for it but at the same time, I'm thoroughly conflicted within. The outcome is surprising, as always, serving as documentation to moments almost forgotten yet instantly recalled when viewed again. Maybe it's the spontaineity, or the natural odd grains – genuine grains without the help of VSCO Cam. There is a certain quality and mood to film which I cannot quite explain probably due to lack in technical knowledge.

The pictures were all taken by my dummy film camera Pentax Espio 928M, released in the late nineties. I found it at The Salvation Army thrift store for S$2.50 then, and remains my best vintage find to date. 

A photo shoot using my bedroom backdrop, 2011

My best friends for almost a decade

First time dipping into the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 2011

The day I turned eighteen years old, 2011

Visiting a vintage toy museum. We look right out of the seventies.

First overseas trip with Nigel to Bangkok, 2012

Don't even know the intentions behind wearing a flower headband and the bushes. Whut?

My second trip to Vietnam. I loved it so much. 2012
Random note: this is how my film camera defines "wide frame". It literally cuts off parts of the composition space.

Early days of Nigel driving, the year he got his license, 2013

Our very first picnic in 2012. We just had one again last weekend!

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