Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Jeans Are Unapologetic

 Halter peplum top - c/o Dressabelle
Distressed boyfriend jeans - ZARA
Pointed flats - Charles & Keith
Silver chunky chain necklace - Cheap Monday
Lucite clutch - c/o Dressabelle
Lipstick - Topshop in Infrared

"Wah, your jeans tear until liddat ah?" – the typical reaction among people who see me in this pair of ripped-to-death boyfriend jeans. Now looking at it, I admit it was quite silly of me to have paid $80 for a pair. Like how uncle questioned me, "why you pay so much for poor people jeans?", I find myself unable to reason my irrational purchase decision. Um, maybe because I'm not good at DIY? I don't blame them for not agreeing with me but I personally love how an unapologetic statement it makes, especially in man-repelling boyfriend style. Most of the time, I prefer wearing these jeans on stuffy school days when I just want to dress relaxed in a loose tee and sneakers. But we all know thats nowadays, a trendy piece is not limited to its intended look. It's no secret that I love unexpected combinations when coordinating an outfit. And of course, I had to bring my all time favourite – halter style top – into the picture. On my body, I know for sure the halter is most flattering and forgiving my very bony physique. Once you find something that works, stick to it! The conservative neckline juxtapose against the alluring and sweet baby doll waist on the back. Typical Uli almost never lets herself look too delicate...hence those tough chain necklace and flats fit for a gentleman! Just like operas, boyfriend jeans are not for everyone. So whether you enjoy, disapprove or are annoyed at my taste, I still hope this post encouraged you to try out the unexpected. Don't limit to just one look and soon you'll find your wardrobe recycle itself!

Photos by Alia and Jenn.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Clean Citrus

 Peplum off shoulder top - c/o Dressabelle
White jeans - borrowed
Soiree lucite sandal heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Trapeze pearl earrings - c/o O'ORO

As I have pretty narrow shoulders, off-shoulder styles either fit limply or falls off completely. That explains how I'm rarely seen in tubes. Anyone shares the same issue? White they look alluring on bronzed beauties with a toned physique, I pretty much end up looking like a stick swallowed by a massive blanket. Hence, a mash up of structured bustier-meets-off-shoulder-peplum is my better match. In additional, the subtle straps are a great help too! Oh, and the best part is the padded bust of the top which means there's no need to fuss around with unnecessary bra straps. Accessorising with lucite heels and clean white bottoms, the outfit stays light hearted and until fall comes, I'll play around with similar colour palettes. The citrusy colour of the top is an absolute delight to wear in summer, keeping the dainty style practical for a regular day out. Anyway, not many people are aware that I have a pretty hunched back and I tend to slouch a lot, especially when I'm tired. Years of neglecting the importance of a good posture had caused me backaches and an not so ideal back. Just as how getting a manicure done would stop the nasty habit of chewing on nails, perhaps, just perhaps, getting myself into back revealing tops like this would too force a straight posture at all times. #hopeful

Photos by Huiyi.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Powder Blue

Pleated midi dress - c/o Dressabelle
Choker - c/o Dressabelle
Wool cardigan - G2000
Pearl trapeze earrings - c/o O'ORO
Pointed flats - Charles & Keith

We all have those days when we really don't feel like impressing anyone. We always hear of the phrase "dress to impress", but in reality we are only dressing to impress ourselves who have already set ourselves up to disappoint. My favorite part about getting ready is that alone. The time I spend making myself look and feel good is really more precious than how people perceive me. I recently came across a video series What's Underneath by Stylelikeu, which is completely mind altering for me...positively. The series consistently emphasises the fact that the clothes you wear should be your spirit and not a facade. Your body should be a good place to be in because that's "the only home you'll ever have". If you hate heels, ditch it, maybe for a day. Take a day off and enjoy the pavements in your own soles and stop worrying about height. Let your hair down and skip the lipstick if you simply hate how it stains the coffee mug. Be comfortable for a day and realise how much a difference it makes. So by translating my feelings into an outfit, I decided to dress down an otherwise prim dress by tying an old cardigan round my waist – very practical especially when I'm going somewhere cold like the cinemas. I chose flats over heels because comfort was key. The powdery blue is such a relaxing shade for everyone, but nicely contrasted with an oatmeal cardigan for some warmth. Natural elements like the wooden soles of shoes, the pearl earrings and stone choker make good accessories that enhance the overall neutral colour palette. I hope this post gave you some inspiration to dress for yourself. Remember to check out the video series I've mentioned too! I promise you won't regret it.

Photos by Huiyi.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Go Slow


Distressed denim button up - c/o Fash Mob
Faux leather circle leather skirt - Forever 21
Cross belt - H&M
Pascal boots - Dr. Martens
Round shades - from Shanghai
Gold plated watch - Casio

With my HAIM playlist on replay and sucky weather, my wardrobe calls for g r u n g e. When I say sucky weather, I mean fickle lighting which started from low key to cloudy and finally rain, all within the span of thirty five minutes. The last thing I wanted to wear was dainty jewellery and stilettos on a day like this. I think I have grown out of grunge slightly over the years, trying to grow up and avoid looking like I have trouble getting my life together. Sometimes grunge can be a little intense and serious for a day out. Perhaps you could try something I'd like to refer to as "preppy grunge"; my self defined genre of grunge that doesn't require ripped holes and safety pins while still retaining that anti-fashion spirit.

I learnt from school that when grunge first popularised, people would source second hand clothes from thrift stores with common choices including oversized flannels and beaten up Converse sneakers. From this you can tell how people rebelled against the idea of mass produced apparel and big brands. But in this day and age, with technologies that actually age your clothes professionally (yes, Diesel does that to their jeans), you spare yourself digging through piles of clothes in the thrift store! My "distressed" button up shirt does just that for my grunge look, making me look like as if I've owned it for years when it's really brand new. I also notice how the distressed style isn't overdone, appearing to have just the right amount of age, looks great even on the inside as I cuff up the sleeves. I cannot have enough button ups in my wardrobe because they can be worn alone, layered, around the waist...options are limitless. It'll come in handy when I'm travelling to Taiwan next week!

Grunge isn't really complete with leather, which I always tend to go overboard with. Leather bag, dress and shoes...acceptable by my standards lol! Unlike pants, leather skirts still manageable in humid weather. I belted it to keep away from looking too sloppy. With my shirt buttoned fully, I think my "preppy grunge" look could do with slightly messier hair, which I have styled using Toni & Guy's (@toniandguyhmw_sg) Casual Sculpting Powder. It's basically a sticky powder that works from roots and creates an airy but matte texture. Pretty useful in summer I'd say, plus you don't even need other tools besides fingers.

Photos by my dearest Nigel. We proceeded to lunch and desserts after getting those photos!

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